Get Email And RSS Alerts For New TV Show Episodes With MYTV RSS

mytv RSS is a free web service which delivers email and RSS alerts for new episodes of subscribed TV Shows. You can select a TV Show from a range of hundreds of shows that are to be aired and either create a custom RSS feed or provide anemail address for getting alerts for air dates.

Since a few weeks I have been checking for the upcoming episodes of some of my favorite TV Shows, to get accurate information about their air dates. Despite browsing endlessly across several websites, I only got conflicting news regarding the start date of some new seasons and episode air dates. The reason for this is that some air dates can sometimes get rescheduled and to get an official air date may mean going through different TV Channel websites for checking their schedules periodically. Using mytv such issues can be easily resolved.

To create a feed or subscribe via email go to mytv website (link given at the end of this post) and click on RSS feeds (as shown below).


This will redirect you to a page with hundreds of TV shows lined up in alphabetical order. Check (tick) the TV Shows to get alerts for and click on the Create Feed button located at the bottom of the page.

Create feed.

Now, either use the RSS feed link provide by mytv or enter an email address to get email alerts for new TV Show episodes.


My TV web service also provides synopsis, season and episode information for numerous shows. You can get this information by clicking on Popular Shows option from the top menu and select a TV Show.


So subscribe to mytv feed or email alerts and never miss another TV Show episode again.

Visit: My TV RSS (Post Update: My TV RSS is about to end its service, try TV Rage as an alternative service instead).