Google Swiffy Converts Flash SWF Files To HTML5 Format

Swiffy is a Google web service available from Google Labs, which allows converting Flash SWF files to HTML5 format. The conversion process is quite easy and can be useful for converting and viewing Flash content on devices without a Flash Player (such as an iPhone or iPad). Swiffy  supports a SWF 8 and ActionScript 2.0, and the output works is displayed within Webkit browsers such as Google Chrome and Mobile Safari. Converting Flash to HTML5 can also be helpful for improving the quality of a Flash file by converting it to the superior HTML5 format.

To convert a Flash file, go to the Swiffy web service and load a Flash SWF file from the Choose File button and click Upload and Convert to convert your flash file to HTML 5 format. Also make sure to accept the Terms and Conditions.

Google Swiffy - Google Chrome

The converted files can be saved via right click context menu (as shown in the below screenshot).




Visit: Swiffy