How To Change Profile Picture in Or New Hotmail UI

Now that Microsoft has imposed the interface to Hotmail, there is no going back. Previously, I covered the process which allowed users to revert back to old Hotmail interface, however it appears that the option has now been removed. Whether you like the new look or hate the interface (like me), you might be interested in changing your profile picture. Since this image will be going with your emails as a avatar and will appear to your Hotmail contacts.

How To Change Hotmail or Profile Picture

To change your profile picture, click on your avatar (current profile picture) from the top-right corner of the new Hotmail or interface. This will open a drop down menu, proceed by clicking on the image which appears in the drop down menu (as shown below).

Change Hotmail Picture

In the next step, click Browse, select a profile picture and crop it to your liking. Once done, click Save to apply the selected profile picture.

Select Profile Picture

Your selected picture will now be displayed across your or Hotmail email address and will be visible to contacts in your emails.

Profile Picture Changed

How To Change Hotmail or Account Colors

On a personal note I find the new interface to be quite ugly and the colors are simply horrible. If you would like to change the colors of your Hotmail or account, then click the Cog icon and select a color from the drop down menu. There are also other settings within this drop down menu that you can explore. For example, you can turn the reading pane On or Off or go to More Mail Settings to configure advanced settings for your email address.

Change color