How to Protect Your Device When Dating Online

So much has been said and written about indiscrimination based on color, race, and sexual orientation, but more work needs to be done. While communities now show a little less respite to those who digress from what is considered “normal,” LGBTQ individuals still face many issues in real life. Those challenges become real when it comes to finding love, and that is why many gays and lesbians turn to the Internet. 

The problem is that even on the Internet, black singles, lesbians, and minorities, in general, become a victim of cyber harassment. They are often the targets of identity thieves and brute force cyber attacks. Should it stop you from trying online dating? No, it should not – but be sure to learn how to protect your device and stay safe online.

Set Up a Password

Protect your device using a password to keep unwanted users at bay. You need to understand that while password-protected devices can still be unlocked, they provide the first line of defense. Be sure to brainstorm and opt for a strong password. Mac users need to pick a password when signing up. Be sure to make it really good because it helps a lot in protecting your device from malicious software and hackers.

Be Selective with Apps

This one is super important. With thousands of dating apps available today, picking the best can always prove a bit challenging. If you pick free dating sites at random, you are more likely to suffer from a security breach. Understand that not all dating platforms are created equal. Go with black lesbian sites that are dedicated to lesbian women only. Niche dating sites are usually better at protecting your data. But no matter which LGBT site you choose, it ultimately comes down to the steps they take to protect your data.

Opt for an app where they do not tolerate racial comments. There should be a way to report a user, and the support staff should be quick to take action. The app you try should come with SSL encryption, but there should also be other ways of added security. 

For instance, top dating sites now use 2-factor authentication to protect users and data. It means you will have a password to sign in as well as a secret code delivered to your email/phone for secure log-ins. 3D facial recognition is yet another way of authenticating users, but not all dating sites are using these technologies, which is why you should do your research and pick an app carefully.

Be Wary of Wi-Fi

Even if a black lesbian dating site uses SSL encryption or other software solutions, you expose yourself to attackers when you log in using a public wireless internet connection. Even if you are using your own Wi-Fi connection, know that it can still be hi-jacked, and chances are high if you live in an area with a high rate of crimes against minorities. 

For starters, do not use the manufacturer’s default password and change it immediately. Switch off SSID broadcasting to keep your wireless device hidden. Changing your device’s SSID name is also a good thing to do. Check your Wi-Fi settings and enable WPA encryption for improved security.

Make a Remote Backup of Your Data

On dating sites, top players now use some backup systems to store your data, so you do not have to worry if you lose something. You should try the same with your own device and consider making a remote backup of your files to ensure you can get them in case something bad happens. 

Many remote backup services are now available with features such as data encryption, file-by-file restoration, data compression, continuous data backup, and easy synchronization. These services require negligible user intervention making them easy to use for anyone with little knowledge of computers.

Log Out of Your Account

When interacting with another black female seeking lesbian partners, ensure that you practice some care at first. Do not give away your phone number or share private details. Similarly, you should engage in chat but never leave your computer screen idle. Logging out of your account means no one can access your system through your online connection. You may want to install some security suites to be able to prevent unwanted access to your system.


Online dating is fun for most people, but for minorities, it is a lifesaver. Finding love as a black lesbian single is hard in real life, but you can improve your chances of success by using sites that expand your dating pool considerably. Depending on the app you use, you have full control over who gets to send you a message and who simply cannot see you. Being able to search anonymously is a blessing too. So, be sure to take security measures to protect your data and device, and join the best dating platform to make lesbian dating a breeze.