How To Revert Back To Old Google Reader Interface

If you are a Google Reader user, then you must have been annoyed by the recent changes in the interface. Although the new interface has added more white space, however, the font and styling makes it hard to read text and to sort read / unread items. Unfortunately, Google has provided no default option to revert the changes, but the changes can be reversed to some extent by using Reader Sharer. It is a Chrome extension, which changes the style of the new interface back to the old format in Chrome, to help you get back the old Google reader user interface.

All you have to do is to install Reader Sharer, in order to get back the old Google Reader style (except for the old background color scheme). The below screenshot demonstrates the changes which will be applied after the installation of this extension.


Other than fixing line spacing, this extension also fixes the way excerpts are displayed in Google Reader.


Below is a comparison of the old and new Google Reader interface. The left-hand side image is the interface that will be acquired after the installation of this extension.


An overview of the main features of Reader Sharer is as follows:

1. “Your shared items” view.

2. “People you follow” view.

3. The option to share/unshare an item.

4. Share/unshare an item using keyboard shortcut (shift + s).

5. Display details about the sharing status of an item (whether it has been shared or not).

6. Support for both list view and expanded view.

7. Recovery of some old Google reader style for improving readability.

Install ReaderSharer For Chrome