How To Upgrade To New Hotmail Interface Of

In the hope of turning the wheels and making its webmail more attractive, Microsoft has reinvigorated the Hotmail user interface to provide what is suppose to be a more “user friendly” and enriched webmail experience. While most Hotmail users might not have shifted to the new UI, it is probably because many are still unaware of the change. You can now access Hotmail from the new URL, as well as the and URLs. The new interface known as uses the Metro interface that has been used in all of the latest Microsoft products including Windows 8, Windows Server 2012 and Microsoft Office 2013. If you are willing to switch to the new user interface, then see upgrade instructions given below.

All you have to do is to simply login to your Hotmail account, click Options and select “Upgrade to” from the drop down menu that shows up.

Upgrade to

You will be shown a prompt that will provide you with details regarding the new user interface and offer you the option to Upgrade to or choose later (Maybe Later). This is just a simple way of confirming if you would like to upgrade to


This will upgrade your old Windows Live UI to the latest interface. You can use the same hotkeys on as are available for Microsoft Outlook. If you would like to see the list of available hotkeys, then see the keyboard shortcuts for webmail.

Outlook - wmlcloud@hotmail

If you are confused about the above mentioned process, then check out the video given below. How To Upgrade To New Hotmail Interface of

While it might seem like an exciting prospect to try out the latest UI, I would personally advice against it. If you would like to find out what might be the downside of upgrading to and how to go back to the old Hotmail interface, then see my guide on how to revert back to the old Hotmail interface.