How Your Business Can Navigate The Social Media Minefield

Yes, your business can navigate the social media minefield, and we’re here to help. Keep reading for some specific advice on what you can do to avoid all the thumbtacks and problems that hurt most people when you’re using social media to market online. Whether your company is large or small or you work for yourself, these tips are going to help make sure you stay safe and avoid all the big headaches.


Tips For Better Social Media

Here’s a look at some specific tips that will help you get more out of social media. Whether you’re using it for marketing or just for your own personal use, you’re going to find these tips useful in one way or another.

  • Be Honest – You don’t need to lie on social media to get people to like you! In fact, the more honest you are the better chance you’re going to have of people following you and liking you. This is because they’re going to take you more seriously and trust you more.
  • Be Creative – Another problem many people have is not being creative enough. Who wants to read a boring tweet or post on Facebook? Nobody! Okay, maybe some people enjoy that type of thing but if you want to avoid a big mine in the social media landscape, make sure you’re creative with your posting.
  • Be Consistent – When it comes to mines that cause people to get hurt by social media, one mistake is that they’re not consistent with posting. If you post 10 things one day and nothing the next, people aren’t going to know what to expect from you. Rather than dumping a lot of content at once, spread it out and be consistent with when you do it. When you do this, people are going to know what to expect from you and will be more likely to follow you or like you.
  • Share and Like – Becoming involved with other social media accounts is where other people mess up their social media experience. While your own account is the most important, you want to make sure you’re actually participating on other pages. This includes retweeting other people when it’s appropriate. This goes a long way in helping you build your number of fans and followers.

Simply using some of the tips above will help you get more out of social media whether you’re a marketer or just an average, everyday type of person. Figuring social networks out isn’t difficult if you use your common sense and don’t try to build Rome overnight. By gradually participating with social media networks, you’re going to get more experience and begin to see more and more success as you go along.

About The Author: Sara Stark uses a corporate directory when she’s writing business articles because it makes it so easy to find specific information about the corporations she’s writing about. She’s been writing since she could pick up a crayon.