Instagram story viewer: How to watch Instagram stories without Anyone knowing

Searching for the best way to view Instagram stories and profiles without the user knowing it? Well you don’t have to worry, cause this article has got all you need to know on this.

So good, there are methods and tools used to view Instagram stories anonymously and maybe getting access to a nonpublic profile.

Why users want to watch stories anonymously

Users of Instagram are not allowed to view a different users’ story immediately without being connected to a strong and stable data connection.

However, this does not in any way prevent you from checking stories and profiles of other users anonymously . With the analysis of this text ,you will get to know it’s a regular thing to view stories and profiles without anyone knowing it, for whatever tangible and legitimate reason you want.

Method 1: Use an IG Stories Viewer for PC Android and IOS

The first method of viewing IG stories without anyone knowing it is through the usage of Instagram story viewer. To use this approach we will not employ the usual Instagram app but rather a third party Instagram viewers app  and best Instagram web viewer. And it’s crucial to note that not all apps that perform on Android could perform on iOS.

The tools has numerous functions that allows users to get right entry to Instagram profiles ,despite the fact of not having an Instagram account. 

This article includes a number of the best Instagram web viewers. We can expectantly endorse the subsequent tools primarily based totally on our own effective studies and experience.

What is an IG stories viewer?

IG stories viewers are tools used to screen and spy the contents of another person without the person taking into consideration statistical data. Provided it’s a public account and not a private one 

Your only task is to provide the username of whoever you want to spy then search..  The person’s profile information will seem with an updated story.

In this article, you’ll get an in-depth clarification of how-to view another IG user’s vitals without them getting to know. Additionally, a step by step process of the use of some Instagram story viewer is guaranteed as you read further.

Some of which include:

A web service for free that allows you view public Instagram stories Anonymously  could be used to screen the Instagram account reels, profiles, post, IGTV and other information you might need . But this only applies to public accounts.


  • Anonymously browsing -you could search through a user’s profile and story while you remain unknown . Including your times of views ,date and your own data.
  • Simple UI – Nothing difficult, no stress at all to achieve the desired result.
  • No registration – you don’t need to register 
  • No need for an Instagram account – You don’t need an Instagram account to achieve this.
  • Different Lang versions- This web service makes it easy and understandable to read In several foreign languages.
  • Possibility for downloading stories, videos, IGTV,photos, Highlights in different formats-Mp4, JPEG.
  • Very easy to download Instagram video in high resolution with all the information you want online on your mobile phone, Desktop, Laptop, and more in different formats, comfortable for your device.
  • Fast loading speed-The website of the Instagram story viewer is easily accessed through your browser, provided you have a good data connection.
  • 100% free- Doesn’t require payment of any kind.

To view Instagram highlights anonymously follow these few steps:

  • Copy the link of the user of the account you want to spy.
  • Enter into the search box then click search.

  • You will be directed to a page that contains all public profile data you desire to view .
  • To download someone’s story , open the post first .At the top, you will find a download box  in any language you feel comfortable with. 
  • Click and it gets downloaded and saved on your pc. 
  • You could always find the downloaded property in your gallery.

This is also a simple and free website that allows you to watch and download Instagram stories. You could use your desktop or your mobile phone

Aside from stories, it can also be used to  download  and view Instagram highlights. To do that, After finding the username, just select highlights.


  • Anonymously browsing- You get to view photos , videos , highlights and posts . Without the person getting to know.
  • Simple and basic UI-  StoriesIG allows you to get an easy and stress-free experience that yields your desired result .
  • Different Lang version- Easy to read posts in any  language of your choice.
  • Possibility for downloading stories, videos, IGTV, photos, Highlights in Different formats.
  • It’s possible to download and save videos, photos and Highlights of the account you want to view anonymously in MP4 format or JPEG format.
  • Fast loading speed-  Quickly accessed with any browser.
  • Free to use- No payment is required to get it, the website is totally free.

Step by step guide: How to watch Instagram Account Anonymously via

  • Copy the URL or name of the Instagram profile you want to see anonymously.

  • Paste it in the search box then click search
  • That leads you to a page where you get to see all you need. Profile information, publications, posts, reels and videos.

  • To download stories or post , click on the item you want to download .
  • The window opens, there you see a download button at the top.
  • Click on it ,and it gets downloaded immediately to your device.


This is  a free web service, for instant viewing of Instagram reels, video, posts and stories. It’s also user friendly and easy to use .


  • No need for an Instagram account – the best solution especially for those without an Instagram account.
  • Anonymous- you remain unknown to the profile owner ,and everything about you remains hidden.
  • Download and Share- You can download and share the content you desire on social media.
  • Remove content- You could access deleted contents.
  • Blog-User friendly and especially for beginners.
  • Free to use- 100% Free and you don’t have to pay to use this service.

A tool used to track the activities of an Instagram user.


  • 100% Anonymity – Your data is not seen in the view statistics of the person you want to track.
  • No account needed- There is No need for an Instagram account or registration
  • Loading capacity- with this you can view and also download any content on your pc, mobile phone or any device.
  • Downloading for ant Device(Android, IOS, Windows, MAC)

Free to use

An accessible tool used to view Instagram stories of a user anonymously.


  • You don’t need to install anything.
  • It’s simple and beautiful to use 
  • Instagram Highlights Viewers Support
  • You could share the stories in different social media networks of your choice.
  • You can download and save amazing stories you wouldn’t want to miss or let go.
  • View the story of a user anonymously.

 Anonymous Instagram story viewer app for marketing purpose. Through this app you attain a detailed marketing analysis and data of your competitor and your firm or organization.


  • You can see insta stories of people who blocked you without them knowing.
  • You don’t need to create fake accounts.
  • You could inspect a story without installing third-party apps.
  • Compatible with all devices – it can work on any device.
  • AUTO-SAVE STORT with subscription tariffs, which include:
  • 3 Profiles-$7 per month
  • 10 Profiles-$19 per month
  • 100 Profiles-$99 a month
  • It’s very important to note that private Instagram accounts can be added for tracking, this only applies to public accounts.
  • Multiple tools- Access to other advanced tools and marketing tools.


Free anonymous story viewer that allows you to view stories and IG profiles anonymously.


  • Its free
  • You remain anonymous and unknown
  • Functional
  • You have the opportunity to view stories, posts, likes and subscribers.