Instantly Share Any Image To Facebook From Chrome Right Click Menu

Every day we log into Facebook, we find and read interesting news, stories, articles and pictures that are shared with us by our friends. Although articles and status updates are shared with a single click, the same can’t be said about the pictures that we find from various online sources. This is exactly the reason why a third-party developer has come up with a cool extension, known as “Upload Photos to Facebook Pages”, to make your photo sharing experience on Facebook better than ever. This extension helps you instantly share images directly from the Chrome right-click menu to your Facebook wall or page. Whether it is your profile page or your personal/business page, you can share an image from any website using the Chrome right-click context menu.

After you have installed this Chrome extension, you can share any picture using the new option that will be added to the Chrome context menu. Just right click on the image that you wish to share and select the “Upload to Facebook” option.

Upload Photos To Facebook Pages

In the next step, you will have to login to your Facebook account and authorize this extension to share the selected image on your behalf.

Login To Facebook

You will also be asked to add any message related to the picture in the dialog box that would go along with your shared image. The picture that you share will appear on your profile and all pages which you have authorized access to, as well as any album that is created under its name.

Upload Picture To Facebook

Hence, you can circumvent the need to download images or to copy paste URLs for sharing images on Facebook. This extension comes more than handy for users who manage multiple pages for either business or personal use and might be looking to update them with interesting imagery from across the web.

Share Picture on Facebook Wall

You can download this Chrome extension from the Chrome Store link given below.

Download Upload Photos To Facebook Pages Extension For Chrome