KeepMeOut Helps Restrict Access To Addictive Websites By A Set Time Interval

Online activities are having an adverse affect on people’s lives due to addiction of websites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Stumbleupon and the like.

KeepMeOut is a web service, which helps in restricting online activities for specific websites according to a set time frame. You can select a website and create a bookmark with your configured settings for receiving a warning message when you exceed the specified time limit.

Just visit KeepMeOut website, enter a website name and set a time interval to block your access.

You can also click on Advanced Settings to specify days for applying restrictions. You can also restrict the selected settings for weekdays and disable the warning page link. Click on Submit button to continue.

This will redirect you to a page were you will be asked to bookmark the given URL. You can either drag the URL to the address bar or use CTRL+D to bookmark it. The next time you  require using the selected website (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, etc), use the bookmark.

After you have spent the set amount of time on the respective website (via the bookmarked URL), a warning message will appear to alert you that you have exceeded the time limit. You will not be able to browse the specific website until the set time frame has lapsed. For example, if you configured 55 minutes limit, then you will have to wait 55 minutes to use that website. You can change these settings, by clicking on Change Settings option.

The respective website although cannot be accessed from the bookmarked URL until the restricted time frame, however, you will be able to access it if you type the URL separately, therefore, KeepMeOut can only help those, who wish to help themselves.

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