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Sometimes when we share lengthy You Tube videos with our friends and family, it is not because of the entire video content but just a portion of it. is a web service that allows users to edit a You Tube video and generates a URL and embedded code for sharing it. This creates the utility of being able to share only the desired part of a selected video. This web service also provides a dynamic option of 3D video search, along with the choice to snip videos from the searched content.

To start editing a video, simply copy and paste the URL from You Tube( to the URL box on the main page of and hit enter.

To crop the selected video, enter the starting and ending point and click on the button.

This will provide you with a URL and embedded code to share the edited video via the website.

You can also try the 3D search option to find and edit videos from You Tube. Clicking on the Shorten And Share This Vid button allows opening the video for editing. is a good web service for those who desire sharing only the best part of You tube videos with their friends and family.

Post Update:

SnipSnip is no longer available, you can try the following alternative web service, known as TubeChop, which provides a similar service.

Visit: TubeChop