Store And Stream Your Music On The Cloud With Mougg

Mougg is a web service that allows storing and streaming music files from the Mougg website. To get started, you would require signing up for an account. After that, you can easily upload, stream, organize and label your music with up to 1GB of free space which is good enough to store more than 200 Mp3 files. This makes saved music files (via Mougg) to be accessible with any computer, operating system and Browser.

After logging into your account, you can start uploading music via the Upload Music button (located on the left hand side menu). Mougg provides the functionality to uploading multiple files at the same time. This way entire albums can be uploaded simultaneously.


The saved music files can be accessed from the My Music option. From here you can also choose a music file and click play (from the top of the page) via a built in music player in your profile.


Any album art and tags associated with the uploaded files is automatically detected during the uploading process. You can edit information regarding a music file by going to My Music and clicking on the edit (pencil icon) button next to a music file.


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