Switch Between Multiple Proxy Servers In Firefox With EasyZoomProxy

Some corporations have multiple proxy servers for interconnected networks that are associated via NAT (Network Address Translation) and VLANs (Virtual Local Area Network). Many universities and organizations also use multiple proxy servers. Moreover, in order to allow servers to query an upstream server’s cache before calling the internet, proxy chains are created. This is particularly the case for branch offices and geographically separated (mobile) parts of an organization. However, it can be quite difficult to switch between different proxies and often results in failed tabs. EasyZoomProxy is a Firefox extension that makes it easy to switch between different proxies. It reloads failed tabs and shows the tab count in a single click. What it basically does is that it helps users to quickly switch between multiple proxy servers, reload all the failed tabs (in a matter of a click) and provides tab count.

After installation, two options appear on the Firefox status bar. The EasyZoomProxy option can be used to see the number of opened tabs and reload your failed tabs, (specially when switching between proxies). Clicking on the former displays a small window showing the tab count.


To switch between numerous proxy servers, simply select a proxy server and your settings will be adjusted accordingly. This eliminates the need to manually change proxy settings within the browser to switch over to a different proxy server.


To check compatibility with the latest version of your Firefox browser and to install this extension, click the link given below.

Install: EasyZoomProxy Extension for Firefox