Tweet And Translate Google Plus Posts In Chrome – Helper For Google+

Helper for Google+ is a Chrome extension which adds a Twitter and Translate link to your Google Plus posts. Using this extension you can

  • Share Google+ Posts with people on Twitter.
  • Translate posts with Google Translate to a selected language
  • Get desktop notifications on new posts, with sound. (mouse over notification to freeze it)
  • Link hash tags in posts for better search
  • Search in Google+ posts and profiles directly from your omnibox (Chrome address bar), by typing "plus" and adding your search query.

When you install this extension, you are redirected to extension’s options. From here, you can select a translation language and disable any features ( if you like). A sound alert can also be selected for system tray notifications.

Helper for Google  Extension Options - Google Chrome_2011-07-16_21-53-59

Once you install this extension in your Google Chrome browser, you will automatically see extra options for Tweeting and Translating posts (as shown in the below screenshot).



You will also receive desktop notifications from the system tray for new updates.



Install Helper for Google+ For Chrome