What’s Not To Love About The Cloud: It’s Free And Has A Lot Of Benefits

Do you remember the times when you stored your data on floppy disks and when each and every computer had that floppy port. The most storable floppies had no more than 256 MB of memory and back in the 1990s they were the main source of sharing and transferring data. Of course, those born in the 1990s and 2000s can hardly remember those days and such storage devices.

What's Not To Love About The Cloud

When you compare running a business, especially the one in which you had to have numerous data and reports in an electronic form, it was a real nightmare back in the ’90s compared to what we have today. For those who were businesspeople twenty years ago and they are still doing the same kind of work, the change is probably unparalleled and incomparable with anything else that has happened in that period.

Today, we have a highly developed network of computers and, what is even more important, a very powerful and professional support that follows and helps all the processes that are going on the Internet. Whenever you are not sure what you are supposed to do if a problem occurs, you can call a well-trained and highly skilled customers’ service, whose employees will be there to solve each and every difficulty that you come across on the information flow superhighways. In contrast to the early form of the net back in the 1990s, we are more than happy today that things moving even further and further away. An ordinary person cannot even understand all the processes and complicated mathematical formulas that programme developers are using and applying to get more and more improved and errorless computer systems and programmes.

The most influential service that has seen the light of the day in the last five years is the idea of cloud. While we all had been using some sort of cloud and virtual storage on our hard disks and flash drives, those data were still saved on a tangible piece of equipment. Today, the cloud is the online virtual space which literally flows on the pillows of virtual space, ready to be used at any moment from any place. Such a concept has already had a tremendous impact on every day life and business and it is still in its initial phase.

The cloud offers many benefits. If you own a small r middle-sized company and every little cent means a lot to you, turning to the cloud means significants saving when it comes to the expenses that you have due to the programmes’ licenses. Instead of installing and paying separately each programme that every computer in your company needs, you simply address a cloud service provider, choose the suitable data and programme package and all employees in your company will be able to launch their programmes from the cloud package. What is even greater, they will be able to store all the data online, so that they can access them from every part of the world. Their only carriage will be the password for your particular cloud account.

The cloud also enables faster communication and it takes care of the environment, as well. Instead of printing documents and wasting paper, you now do everything on the net. That way you keep the environment and spare trees from cutting and woods from being ruined. In addition to that, you can change and upgrade your cloud account and the services that you want at any moment and make your business function even more smoothly.

The progress and improvements of our work and companies lies in the usage and utilization of the cloud concept. Only fifteen years have passed between the floppy disk and the data storage cloud and just imagine what is waiting for us behind the corner. Probably larger and more people-friendly cloud that will change our everyday life to an unimaginable extent.

About The Author:  Dan Radak is a passionate lover of cloud servers and everything related to them, he’s also a blogger and co-author on several technology themed websites. In his free time he likes to dig through the web in search for a perfect fishing gear.