Why Are Landing Pages The Most Important Pages Of Your Website?

The point of every website is to sell something; if not in a direct way, through straightforward sell-buy relation, then later. Even those people who write blogs on their everyday routines and their opinions of the world and society have some sort of a tendency to sell something. If not for money, then for attention they receive.

So, the question is: how to make people interested in what you produce, sell or think? The answer is simple – through a witty landing page concept.

Landing page

Concise, in a nutshell

When deciding how to make the right outline for the landing page(s), the most important thing that you always have to bear in your mind is that you need to be concise. Everything that will make your visitors surf curiously after they have landed safely to your landing page must be very precise and presented in a nutshell. Given that they have probably come to the target page after clicking on some words that are linked to you page, you have to stay reliable and trustworthy. It would be highly inappropriate and impolite to link words like best nylon strings and then the landing page turns out to be about guitar models. While it is not far away from what your business is about (guitar store, in this case), the problem lies in the fact that the landing page does not match the words that lead to it. That is why it is crucial that landing pages have the branding-strengthening role for your company and give short but direct information on a particular subject.

Credits and further links

After you have mastered the art of keeping your visitors attention on the landing page, you need to be able to take further steps in the visitor-attracting and client-acquiring process. The next stage means that you have to put a link or two to your homepage or any other similar pages on your site. If a client likes what he or she sees and the offer they get, they will be interested to surf more and look for other benefits or offers coming from your site. The home page needs to be just one click of the mouse away for them. Imagine just that visiting the landing page is like foreplay between the visitor and your website. The next phase is the home page, which is like establishing a long-term relationship, based on mutual trust and satisfaction.

Also, do not forget to embellish your landing page(s) with different testimonials and references from businesses you have cooperated with. Even if all the previous steps have been done in a meticulous way, clients also like trustworthy sources and sites. If they see that you have had successful business projects and your former and current clients heap praises on your work, they will be more comfortable with you and your website.

Landing pages come like a dessert after days and months of strenuous work by whole crews of web artists. They have to be perfectly devised to reflect the total effort invested in the whole site.