Back In Time Is A Backup Tool For Ubuntu (Alternative To Deja Dup Backup)

Back In Time is a backup software for Gnome and KDE based versions of Linux. It can be used as an alternative backup tool to Deja Dup Backup. It has quite simplified backup options for saving the state of your Linux operating system for restoring it later.

You can start this wizard by clicking on Settings button after launching Back In Time. Select a backup location for saving a snapshot of your system state and optionally adding a schedule time for automatically saving backups.

Back In Time

After selecting the backup location ( such as a local folder or external drive), add files and folders to backup from the Include tab. The Exclude tab allows adding file and folder exceptions.


You can select a time frame to automatically remove backup files to save disk space from Auto-Remove files. This allows saving recent system backups. You can disable snapshots when your laptop is on battery power, use checksums to detect changes, and preserve extended attributes from the Options and Expert Options tabs.

Auto remove

After configuring backup options, click on Snapshot from top menu.

Added files

The backup files can be restored anytime from the Restore button (trash can icon) located at extreme right of the main interface.


You can download the Deb package to install this software or type back In Time in Ubuntu Software Center to locate and install it.

Download Back In Time