Create Albums And Edit Images In Ubuntu Linux With Album Shaper

Album Shaper is an easy to use, open source application for creating, organizing, annotating, framing, enhancing and stylizing picture albums. Photos can be organized in multiple collections (sets) within the same album. For example, if you have pictures from an annual function from three different years, you can create an albums with three collections (sets) containing pictures from each year. Albums can also be exported in HTML format and posted directly on a website. Album Shaper supports themes which means you can completely customize the look of the Albums you produce.

To get started, create an Album (from the Create button), add a title and information for the album (in the text boxes on top), create a collection (set) within the album and start adding pictures (from the Add Photo button). It supports a large array of formats to import pictures, including JPG, PNG, GIF, XPM , etc.

You can create albums with multiple collections (sets) in order to make it easy to sort pictures. For instance, if you are compiling an album that contains pictures from your childhood to your mid twenties, you can create an album with sets with titles such as Year 1-5, Year 6-10, Year 11-15, etc, in order to easily organize and sort the images. These albums can also be saved in HTML format and later posted on a website. this way you can share your albums with friends and family. Albums can be exported HTML format from the File drop down menu.

Album Shaper

You can also edit and stylize an image by opening it in editing mode (by double clicking on it). The editing options include, cropping, contrast, red-eye removal, sepia, emboss, aspect ratio management and more.

Edit Image

Albums stats can also be viewed by choosing the Album Stats option from the Tools menu. Album stats overview includes, the number of pictures, collections, size and modification date of the album.

Album Stats

What makes Album Shaper a very useful application is its simplified interface and easy management options for organizing and editing images.

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