Create Linux Live USB, CD/DVD & Download ISO Images: LiveUSB Install

A Live USB is more handy for installing or running an operating system than a Live CD/DVD, as it has a faster read/write rate and allows writing extra information to it. When it comes to using Live Linux USBs, there are many useful applications available such as Universal USB Installer. However, some application provide support for more operating systems than others. LiveUSB Install is one such robust application for creating a  Live USB, CD or DVD. It allows effortless running or installing various Linux distributions by creating a Live USB/Optical disc in Windows or GNU/Linux. LiveUSB Install supports more than 555 Linux distributions, which includes Ubuntu, Android, Fedora, Debian, Zorin, Lubuntu, CentOS, OpenSUSE, Pinguy, Xubuntu, Kubuntu and many more.

To create a live USB, plug in a pen drive, select a Linux distribution from the drop down menu and choose an ISO Image/CD or DVD drive (containing the Linux operating system ISO image). If you do not have the Linux operating system ISO image, select Internet option to automatically download a selected operating system. Before burning a CD/DVD or USB, you can also change the default mode to create/reinstall a custom Syslinux Config or make a WinGRUB ISO Chainloader. Once all settings are configured, click OK to proceed further.

Live USB Install

In case your Linux version is not detected, click Autodetect distribution option, followed by OK, to start burning your CD/DVD or live USB.


The same procedure can be used for creating a Linux Live USB, CD/DVD in a Windows operating system.


Once the Live USB, CD or DVD has been done, you can use your Live CD/DVD or USB to install or directly run a Linux operating system.

Fedora 15

You can download LiveUSB Install packages from the developers website link given below. LiveUSB install works on:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • GNU/Linux

Download LiveUSB Install