Download Zorin OS, Linux Operating System Which Runs Windows Programs

Since long I have been waiting for a Linux operating system which can be as slick and stylish as Windows. I believe the time might have come for that in the light of Zorin OS release. It is a multi-functional operating system designed for Windows users who want to have easy and smooth access to Linux. Although it is Ubuntu based, however, I found it much smoother than the Ubuntu in usage. this is one of the reasons I believe it has great potential.

Zorin OS - Home - Google Chrome_2011-08-16_22-25-40

Zorin OS has a similar interface to Windows and can cater for their needs as it can run Windows applications using Wine. The start menu is like Windows 7 and enables quickly searching for items using the search box.

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Like Ubuntu, it has a software center which makes it easy to install applications. If you would like to know the procedure of using Wine to run Windows applications on Linux then check out by tutorial: How To Run Windows Programs On Ubuntu Linux With Wine.

Software Center

You can also install Zorin OS on a virtual machine such as VMware or VirtualBox and give it a try. You may also be interested in the The Look Changer which lets you change your desktop to look and act like either Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, Mac OS X or Linux (GNOME).

Zorin OS

So get your copy of Zorin OS and either run it as a Live CD or install it on a virtual or physical machine to give it a try.

Download Zorin OS