Empty Trash Bin From System Tray In Ubuntu & Debian With Trash Indicator

I often forget to empty my Trash bin. Perhaps because it is located in the least interactive area of the desktop. This includes both the dull Unity launcher Trash icon and the classic menu grey Trash Bin at the bottom right corner. A better alternative can be to empty trash from the App indicator menu (system tray), as it is a more interactive part of the desktop which contains App indicators for Skype, Evolution mail client, Gwibber and the like.

Trash Indicator is an App indicator for the Ubuntu & Debian Trash Bin which can be easily installed from the available Deb package to be added to the system tray.

You can empty and view the number of files in the Trash from right-click menu and open the Trash window by left-clicking on the system tray icon.


Dock users like that of Cairo Dock and Avant Window Navigator can also conserve Dock space by adding this Appindicator to the system tray.


You can get the Deb package of Trash Indicator from the download link given below. Just double click on the package after downloading it to install Trash Indicator via the Ubuntu Software Center.

Download Trash Indicator