Faccialibro Provides Facebook Notification Count In Ubuntu Unity Launcher

Faccialibro is a Facebook notifications and Quick list  applet for the Unity Launcher. It is similar to the Google+ applet I reviewed earlier which provides unread notifications and quick list for Google Plusprofile.

To install Faccialibro, you will need to install Python-Facebook from here (just click the link to install it via Ubuntu Software Center). After that, download the Faccialibro package from the developer’s website. Extract the compressed archive and hit CTRL+H to display the hidden files and folders. Open the folder named  “faccialibro”, right click on the Faccialibro.desktop file located inside it and select Properties.


Go to the Basic tab and replace ‘mirko‘ with your account’s username (e.g. administrator).


Also drag and drop the image (PNG) file to the image area (next to Name section), to create a Facebook icon for the launcher (as shown in the below image).

Drag and drop

Make sure that you make the file executable by enabling the option  “allow executing file as program” from the Permissions tab.


Then drag and drop the Faccialibro file onto the Unity Launcher and click on the newly create launcher applet. This will open your Facebook page in the browser. Authorize your account to get the notifications functional.

Unity Launcher

Once the account is authorized, you will start getting Facebook notifications from the launcher applet.

Unity Applet

You can right-click on the applet to view the quick list and to launch the Facebook notifications, messages and friends page.

Indicators 2

[via OMG Ubuntu]