Fix & Repair Ubuntu Problems With One Click Using YeoWorks Ubuntu Solutions

What makes Ubuntu easy to use for common users is it’s ability to provide alternative GUI for installing and updating applications and packages, instead of lengthy Terminal commands. Unfortunately, there are still many issues which require going through complex procedures (if not the Terminal commands) to resolve them.

YeoWorks Ubuntu Solutions provides a one click solution to commonly faced Ubuntu problems. It allows updating Ubuntu, Gnomes 3 installation and uninstallation, Firefox 4 flash issue fix, easy switching of Gnome desktop to Compiz, resolution of Firefox Bookmarking issues, changing of user root password and much more. All you need to do is to select a problem from the list and click OK to resolve it.

Download YeoWorks (download link given at the end of this post) and Run the .sh file. This will pop-up a prompt, click Run to open the GUI front end.


Choose any of the problems from the list and click OK to resolve them. For example, you may be facing some Firefox 4 flash issues or having problem uninstalling the faulty Gnome 3 shell. Instead of having to go through various complex methods or command lines, YeoWorks will allow you to resolve these issues in a flash. It even allows easy conversion of 32 bit Deb files to 64 bit files.



Download YeoWorks Ubuntu Solutions