Get Hardware Information For Ubuntu Without Opening Your Computer

HardInfo is a n Ubuntu Linux application which  gathers information about your system’s hardware and operating system, performs benchmarks, and generates printable reports either in HTML or in plain text format. The information is divided in numerous categories including

Computer: which contains a system resource summary, operating system, kernel, )file system, display environment variables and other information.

Devices: displays information about hardware devices such as the processor, RAM, PCI and USB Devices, etc.

Network: provides network related information such as the routing table, IP connections, DNS Servers,  ARP table, shared directories and interfaces.

Benchmarks: benchmarks the CPU using numerous methods.

When HardInfo is launched, it automatically detects and displays system hardware information. From the Computer section you can get a summary for attached system resources such as the RAM, hard disk, attached multi-media devices, kernel modules in use, operating system type and languages, file systems, environment variables such as GTK Modules, XDG data DIRS and users (including operating system backend users).

Operating system

In the same way, the Devices section displays attached device information. Just click on a device name to get the information.


Network section shows network related information.

Routing Table

Available Benchmarking methods can also be used for CPU Benchmarking. You can copy the benchmarking result to clipboard to save it as an HTML file to view it in your browser.


You can get the Deb package for HardInfo from the download link given below.

Download HardInfo