Get Tutorials For Any Apt-Get Command In Chrome With Apt-Linker


Apt commands are an important way of obtaining software from the Terminal via command lines used in Linux based operating systems like Ubuntu and Debian. Apt URLs are installer packages, which use a protocol handler to read a set of files to be installed. Apt-Linker is a Chrome extension that transforms “apt-get install” commands on the web into URL links for online guides and tutorials. Hence, clicking on any “apt-get install” command results in launching of a guide related to the specific command in use. This provides the utility to obtain instant information regarding a command line.

This extension is meant to help users search for software, tutorials, etc from the internet.  For a demonstration, come back to this page after installing thisChrome extension. Once apt-linker is installed, the below code will change into a click-able link.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:jimjimovich/starry-hope-uploader
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install starry-hope-uploader

Install: Apt-linker For Google Chrome

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