Googlizer For Linux Searches Google For Copied Text [Ubuntu]

When using the Ubuntu Terminal or reading a text, PDF,  Libre office file or pop-up dialog, one often comes across terms which require elaboration for better understanding. Most of us perform a Google search for such words, phrases, etc. Googlizer is a Linux application which can be added to the Unity Launcher to search for items saved to the clipboard (copied text). It also includes support for a command line option -u/–url, to select an alternative URL to search for the copied text. Using Googlizer can help users to avoid cut/paste errors, a lot of mouse-clicking and time.

You can type Googlizer in the Ubuntu Software Center to find and install it. Debian users can check out the Launchpad link given at the end of this post to get the Deb package. During installation from the software center, you will be provided an option to add a shortcut to the Unity launcher, click “Add to Launcher” or drag the Googlizer icon to the launcher (later on) to add it to the Unity launcher.

Ubuntu Software Center

To search copied text, click on the Googlizer icon. This will automatically launch your default browser with the copied text (clipboard text). 


Download Googlizer