How To Automatically Fix Ubuntu Failed Packages

Failed Ubuntu Package Installation Fix is an Ubuntu script which can be used to fix failed packages automatically. This script fixes Ubuntu package errors which occur during software installation. Whenever installation errors occur, users either resort to forcibly quitting the installation, leave the package unrepaired or try to manually fix it. “Failed Ubuntu Package Installation Fix” aims at getting rid of this problem by providing means to automate the process of fixing packages.

Download download the .sh file (download link given at the end of this post) and double click on it. The file is already in executable form, just click Run.

Failed Ubuntu Package Installation Fix

Enter the failed package and click OK. Failed package names can be easily retrieved from Synaptics Package Manager or other package handling tools.

Package Name 2

Failed Ubuntu Package Installation Fix script will stop all DPKG processes, reconfigure DPKG, remove the broken package, remove the lock on DPKG and fix your failed package. For any prompts which may pop-up click OK, until you get the final alert for the package with Fixed writen on the window header.


Download Failed Ubuntu Package Installation Fix