How To Convert Rpm File Packages To Deb Files In Ubuntu Linux

Anyone who has ever used Ubuntu or Debian knows how easy it is to use the Software Center instead of having to remember convoluted command lines to install a software from the Terminal. Deb packages provide the convenience of installing applications via the Software Center. This is quite convenient as double clicking a Deb file opens it in the GUI based Software Center and allows installing it in a single click. Therefore, the best file type to install application packages in Ubuntu and Debian operating systems is the Deb file.

Nonetheless, some software are only available as a .rpm (Red-Hat Package Manager) file. Since .rpm is an alien format for Debian and Ubuntu OS, therefore it cannot be installed from (e.g. ) the Ubuntu Software Center. In this post we will tell you how to convert a .rpm file to a .deb file to overcome the need of entering complex Terminal commands for installing RPM packages in Debain and Ubuntu.deb-package


Step 1: To convert a .rpm file to .deb format, open the Terminal Applications –> Accessories (for non Unity users) and enter the following command:

(sudo apt-get install alien)

Step 2: You will be prompted to enter your password, after which the conversion process will be initiated. After that, you will be prompted to continue or quit the installation. Type ‘Y’ and hit Enter to continue. This will install the alien application.

Step 3:  Go to the directory where you have saved the .rpm file (e.g. the Downloads) and type the command “cd directory name” e.g. “cd desktop”. Then enter this command:

(sudo alien -k filename.rpm)

This will convert the . rpm file into DEB format.

Just double click on the converted file to open and install it with the Software Center.


By using the above mentioned method Ubuntu and Debian users can overcome the problem of installing .rpm packages.

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