How To Create Your Own Linux Operating System Without Programming Knowledge With SUSE Studio

Ever wanted to create your very own Linux operating system? Now is your chance. SUSE Studio is a free web service, which allows creating and downloading your very own Linux distribution in a few easy steps. Using this process does not require programming knowledge and the entire method merely involves selecting a few options, naming your Linux OS and downloading it in various formats e.g. ISO (for CD/DVDs), VMDK, OVF, XEN and a preload ISO.

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Step 1: In the first step, visit the SUSE Studio website (link given at the end of this post), sign in with a Google, Yahoo, Twitter, Facebook, Novell or Open ID account.

Step 1

Step 2:  Allow access to SUSE Studio from your logged in account.


Step 3: Select a display name, email address, user type (Individual user, Open Source Project, ISV or Corporate User), accept the terms and conditions and click Continue.


Step 4: Select a base template for your Linux operating system. The available templates include, Gnome, KDE, Minimal X, JeOS and Server (based on openSUSE 12.1,  11.4, etc).

Base Template

Step 5: In the next step, enter a name for your Linux operating system e.g. WML Cloud.

Give a name to your Linux Operating system

Step 6: After you have entered a name, you can select applications to add to your Linux operating system (Add repositories option) or upload RPMs.

Add repositories

Step 7: If you select Add Repositories option, you will be provided with the option to add or remove applications for your Linux OS.

Add repositories to Linux

Step 8: After selecting repositories or uploading RPMs, head over to the Configuration tab and select your general, personalization, start up, server, desktop, appliance and script options.


Step 9: Finally, go to the Build tab, enter a version name and select a format for downloading your Linux operating system. You can download your Linux OS as a Live CD/DVD (in ISO format which can later be burned to a CD or DVD), VMWare, VirtualBox, KVM version (in VMDK format), OVF, XEN guest and/or a Preload ISO. After you have selected one or more of the forms in which you wish to download your Linux operating system, click Build to begin the downloading process. Your very own Linux OS will be compiled with custom configurations and downloaded on your hard drive.


Once your Linux distribution is compiled and downloaded, you can also click the Share option from top, to share your Linux operating system with your friends. To quickly build and download your very own Linux operating system, check out SUSE Studio now.

Visit: SUSE Studio