How To Customize Unity Panel Features & Resize Unity Icons

The willingness of Ubuntu users to customize Unity launcher is leading to many customization tweaks and plugins.

Unity icons by default can seem to be a bit larger than for Netbooks and small monitor screens. However,  Ubuntu Unity Plugin can help you customize it’s look to suite your needs. See the below procedure to resize Unity icons and to customize the look of your Unity launcher easily.

To get this Unity Plugin, you must first have CompizConfig Settings Manager. You can get it from the Ubuntu Software Center by typing compizconfig and installing the package.  CompizConfig is required for Unity customization because it contains the Unity Plugin.


Open CompizConfig Settings Manager by typing its name (from Applications).

Open Compizconfig

Then scroll down and select the Ubuntu Unity Plugin.

Unity plugin

To resize Unity icons, use the bottom slider of the Experimental tab. Ither than resizing Unity icons, it also contains other unity customization options to

  • Resize the Launcher Size
  • Manage Panel opacity
  • Changing Backlight mode, launch animation, Urgent Animation, etc.

Resize icons