How To Install Stable Linux Kernel 3.4.0 On Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin

When you are suffering from issues in Linux, upgrading your Kernel can sometimes fix these issues. We earlier saw this to work for users who switched to the Unity desktop in Ubuntu 11.04. Recently, a stable version of the Linux Kernel 3.4 was released. The changes include improved metadata performance with support for metadata blocks larger than 4KB, better recovery tools and error handling, updates for GPU drivers, and more. If you would like to update your Kernel for Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin, then check out the instructions given below. The complete details regarding the new features of Linux Kernel 3.4 can be seen here.

Disclaimer: It advised not to upgrade your Kernel unless you are having operating system issues. Upgrading your Kernel may cause system problems and can break your operating system. Also make sure that you create a backup of your computer before moving forward with the below mentioned process. For more details, check out these Linux Backup Tools.

Install Linux Kernel 4.3

You can upgrade your Kernel  by installing the available Deb packages from this link. For details about the required packages for your operating system, check out the details given below.

If you have a i386 32-bit operating system:


For i386 operating systems with more than 4GB RAM download pae kernel:


If you have an amd 64-bit operating system:


Once the Kernel is installed, Restart your system to complete the process. Once your kernel has been updated, you can verify your current Kernel version by going to the System tab of the System Monitor.

Linux Kernel 3.4 Installed

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