How To Integrate Skype To Ubuntu 11.10 Messaging Menu [Skype Wrapper]

Despite the fact that Ubuntu 11.10 uses an app-indicator for displaying Skype menu from the system tray, it does not provide native integration with the Ubuntu messaging menu. Some users find it convenient to have such menus integrated with the messing menu, as anything from Gwibber to Mozilla Thunderbird comes integrated with the Ubuntu messaging menu. Despite no native support for such integration, Skype can be added to the Oneiric messing menu with the help of third-party packages and an application known as the Skype Wrapper. This wrapper provides messaging menu integration, enables group chats and provides unread message count.

To install Skype Wrapper and other required packages for integrating Skype with the messaging menu, install Python-Skype from here. After that, download the Deb package for Skype Wrapper (see download link given at the end of this post). The Deb package (like all Deb packages) can be installed via the Ubuntu Software Center. Do not be alarmed if you receive an error message that the package is of bad quality, ignore any such error to install the wrapper (as this is a minor package compilation error). When the confirmation prompt appears, login with your Skype account credentials and provide access to the Skype wrapper application.

Ubuntu 11

To forcibly make this prompt appear, enter “skype-wrapper” in the Terminal. Once you allow access to the Skype Wrapper application, it will integrate Skype to the messaging menu.

Messaging Menu

To revert the changes anytime, enter the following command in Terminal.

sudo apt-get remove sni-qt

Note: Skype Wrapper currently works only on 32-bit Ubuntu distributions.

Post Update: New instructions to install Skype Wrapper