How To Sync Tomboy Notes Between Android, Windows And Ubuntu Linux

Tomboy is a cross-platform note taking application for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Smartphones, which enables quickly taking notes and synchronizing them with multiple devices and operating systems via the cloud. It is the premium note taking application for Ubuntu and comes pre-installed with many Linux distributions.

Using Tomboy, you can sync your notes with Ubuntu One and Snowy, which provides easy viewing and managing of the notes even with a mobile device, such as an Android or iPhone. Tomboy has a user friendly interface, which allows managing notes within separate notebooks (which are similar in purpose to folders for organizing multiple notes, like in the case of Evernote). Notes can be created in both plain and highlighted text, with the help of inline spell checking utility. Furthermore, Tomboy provides hyperlinking of web URLs and email addresses, as well as other handy options, which include  font styling, bullet lists, note synchronization using SSH, WebDAV, Ubuntu One, or Snowy (web application). To learn more about the process involved in using Tomboy notes, see the below instructions. These instructions are particularly related to synchronizing notes between Windows, Ubuntu and Android, however, syncing notes with other devices and operating systems entails more or less the same procedure.

Instruction for Windows And Linux

To install Tomboy on Windows, you will first require GTK# to be installed on your system. You can download GTK# from the link given at the end of this post. After installing GTK#, install Tomboy and start creating notes and notebooks by using option within the File drop down menu.

New note

During the creation of new notes, type a title, enter the body text and select a notebook (from Notebook option located on the top menu). You can also quickly search/ deleted notes and use the Text option for stylizing (bold, italic, strike out, fixed width, small, normal, large, huge and bullets) text from the top menu buttons. The below screenshot demonstrates the numerous notebooks that can be created to organize your notes.


You can export notebooks in HTML format from the Tools menu. The options for Tomboy are quite similar for both Windows and Linux and contain almost the same configurations.


Synchronize Tomboy Notes

To sync Tomboy notes, you will require configuring cloud storage accounts or a system folder. To do this, go to Edit –> Preferences. From here you can login to your Ubuntu One, Snowy web app, WebDAV account or select a folder from your system to sync your notes. A synchronization time can also be enabled for synchronizing  files after a set time interval, such as every 5 minutes. Synchronizing notes with Ubuntu One may be easier for many users, since it has applications available for Windows, Linux, Android and iPhone. You can find out more about Ubuntu One availability for different platforms and instructions for using Ubuntu One from my posts here.



Since Ubuntu One account is accessible like any Dropbox account, therefore, you can easily access and sync your notes via the internet or smart phone apps.

UbuntuOne For Android-01

Tomboy works on the following platforms:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Mac OS X
  • Linux
  • Unix
  • Android
  • iPhone

Download Tomboy

Download GTK#