Install Essentials Packages Easily In Ubuntu With Eve Installer

Eve Installer is an Ubuntu software which lets you install important applications, updates, repositories and games in Ubuntu 11.04 and Linux Mint operating systems. With Eve Installer, you can install internet related apps, system tools, graphics, office, multimedia, appearance and related apps in a single click. It also allows adding useful repositories such as Medibuntu, Ubuntu 11.04, Ubuntu 10.10, Google, get-deb and Playdeb. Although many of these software can be installed by using the Ubuntu Software Center, however, unlike the former, Eve Installer provide easy installation of  repositories and update sources. It also helps in finding essential applications without a cluttered interface with outdated and dysfunctional apps like in the case of Ubuntu Software Center. Eve Installer provides easy categories to grab these essential items and lets you install them easily. The available software include Dropbox, Pidgin, Adobe Reader, Google Chrome, Java, Wine, etc.

The Repository tab contains important repositories which can be easily added in a click to ensure that you are able to download packages from these sources. Other than the Ubuntu 11.04 and 10.10 repositories it provides useful website repositories such as Getdeb, Webupd8,Kubuntu, Google and Mediabuntu.

Eve Installer

The System Tools tab provides access to system resource apps like Google Gadgets,Wbar, Dockbars,Conky, Gnome Do, Startup manager, Grub Customizer, etc.


To install an app, select it from the list and click Apply. The package will be installed automatically from the Terminal.

Ubuntu - VMware Workstation_2011-05-20_16-42-44

Other tabs like the Graphics, Office, Multimedia, Internet, Appearance, Games and Desktop tabs provide a list of useful software like Skype, Office Live, Ekiga, Xchat, Firefox,  Songbird, UM Player and others.


You can also install software from an entire category (e.g. Internet) from the Automatic tab.

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