iptux Is An Open Source LAN Messenger For Ubuntu Linux

A LAN messenger has the advantage of privacy of conversation over a Local Area Network. When discussing corporate secrets or working on a project, it is always good to use an internal messenger instead of relying on internet related messengers which may pose the risk of leaking chat conversations in case a users chat history is compromised. iptux is an IP based LAN messenger client for Ubuntu Linux. With iptux, you can enjoy the privacy of conversation over a Local Area Network and share files which may be quite helpful for office separated by multiple floors (over the same network).

After installation, you can launch iptux from Applications –> Internet. Once launched, you can add an IP address of another computer (from File menu) over a LAN to send an invitation. This will add the computer to your messenger list after an approval from the person using that computer.


This way you can enjoy personal conversations within the privacy and security of a network (e.g. corporate network).


You can configure advanced messenger settings from the Tools –> Preferences. From here, you can change your messenger display image, create groups for your contacts, set network settings, etc.


The System tab provides many customization and privacy options. For example, you can enable saving or automatic cleanup of chat history, enable a blacklist to block contacts, change chat font, filter request for sharing files, etc.


Download iptux