squish – quota resetting time

Question : squish – quota resetting time

I am using Squid on Fedora Core 8 with Squish. Everything is working fine with user authentication and quotas. Only problem is if some user exceeds the daily quota and gets squished. Squish resets the quota only at 12pm the following day. Hence, the users are blacked out from internet for almost half the working day.

I need to reconfigure Squish to reset the quotas at 6am instead of 12pm. Could you plz help me with this.


Solution: squish – quota resetting time

Hi oklit

I found a solution to reset the squish quota manually.

This is my solution.

1)      After installing squish. Copy this file userdb.stor  from /var/lib/squish/ to /backup
2)      Turn off the squid auto start by using this command chkconfig squid off
3)      Add the below lines to a shell script file and execute the shell script at a specific time using cron

/etc/init.d/squid stop                                #Stop the squid proxy
rm /var/log/squid/access.log                  #Removing access.log file.
rm /var/lib/squish/userdb.stor                  #Removing squish user quota file
cp /backup/userdb.stor /var/lib/squish/      #Copying   userdb.stor  to squish quota directory.
/usr/sbin/squid                              #Start the squid now