Mount ISO, IMG, BIN, MDF, NRG Disc Images In Ubuntu, Furius ISO Mount

In a previous post, I reviewed Mounty, which is an easy to use disc mounting application for Ubuntu Linux, which enables users to quickly mount virtual disc images via the app-indicator menu. In that post, I also explained a bit about “what is disc image mounting and how to mount disc images”. There are a number of disc image formats in which virtual discs (virtual CD/DVD disc images) are created. Mounting (adding) such images to a virtual DVD drive can help you avoid running a DVD from a ROM and also get a faster read/write speed. Furius ISO Mount is an advanced a Linux software for mounting virtual disc images from ISO, BIN, MDF, IMG, and the “Nero” based NRG Image format. With the help of this free software, you can mount virtual disc images and watch TV shows or movies, play games or simply view the content of these disc image files. Furthermore, you can also explore the content of entire system image files which may have been created with the help of numerous Linux backup applications.

Since Furius ISO Mount is present in Ubuntu repository, you can easily install it from the following Terminal command.

sudo apt-get install furiusisomount

After installation,  you can open image files by mounting them using the Browse option. To Unmount the image file anytime, select it from the list and click Unmount.

Furius ISO Mount

Other than mounting virtual disc images, you can also check the MD5 or SHA 1 checksums and burn image files (from ISO or IMG formats) to a CD or DVD disc. For burning a disc images, you can use the Brasero back-end or simply select the Nautilus option. Furius ISO Mount maintains a log file for analyzing errors. You can see the log file by clicking the View Log option.


On a personal note, I would not recommend users to burn disc images with Furius ISO mount, as some users have complained about being unable to burn images to optical CD/DVD discs. To download the Deb and/or source package of Furius ISO Mount, head over to Launchpad or the developer’s website. The developer’s website also contains more instructions for installing and using Furius ISO Mount. If you are an OpenSUSE user, yo can use Packaman for a 1 click Install file, for installing “Furius ISO Mount” application. Fore information about dependencies, see the “Homepage” link given below.

Download Furius ISO Mount [Launchpad]