Play Any Kind Of Video Format In Ubuntu Linux With KMPlayer

Choosing a media player for playing multimedia files might not appear to be much of a hassle in the presence of open source players like VLC. However, if you are a Linux user and wish to use a versatile media player (other than VLC) that plays anything from a common AVI, FLV to a VOB (DVD) media files, then KMPlayer might just be what you are looking for. KM Player has a minimalist interface, quick video playback ability, along with, many options to customize the interface with a range of skins. It has many stylish features, for example, the color of the player can be changed with every new track. It’s visualization features (such as tool bars, color management, etc), plug-ins and simplified playback options make it worth using as compared to many other standalone players. KMPlayer (KDE interface for M player), also has a Windows version which is widely used by Windows users. Its version 0.11.2 for Linux users has now included the functionality for playing videos from a TV device.


KMPlayer plays audio and video files from a wide range of different formats. Videos can also be directly queried from YouTube and Blip.TV in order to obtain information about them. This can be done by selecting the respective options from the File menu and entering a query in the text box that pops up.


KMPlayer removes the need to install different players which support a small list of variable codecs. It’s range of processing tools make impressive video playback, that provides the option to sharpen/change picture properties, apply filters and even make video captures from within KMPlayer. So if you are looking for a media player that can play multiple audio and video formats and provide smooth playback with a stylish outlook, then KMPlayer is the right choice for you.

Download KM Player