Replace Complete Document Text Strings In Ubuntu With Replace-me

Programmer and professionals associated with development require periodically replacing text strings from multiple files. This can be to change the coding of specific files or to add/remove or modify a text string. Replace-me is a convenient Nautilus extension that allows users to find and replace entire text strings from different files within numerous folders and sub-folders. Replace-me enables the replacement of text strings via right-click menu and is a handy script for users who require finding and replacing text string from different kinds of files. Some examples include code files, batch files and other text files where the command parameters or coding can be easily altered, using this script.

To  install the Replace-me script in Ubuntu enter the following commands in a Terminal window:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:atareao/nautilus-extensions

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install replace-me

Once installed, log off and log back in again to restart Nautilus or simply enter the below command in the Terminal.

nautilus –q

With the help of this script you can quickly search and replace words and even entire phrases by right-clicking on  a file and specifying the search/replace text string.


Once you select “Replace string in files” via right-click menu, a new window will open, displaying the path of the text file that you selected. Now, just enter the text that you wish to find, followed by the text string that is to replace that text. You can find and replace entire text string with indicated text for a specific document. This can help you replace dozens or even hundreds of text strings within several text files.

Ubuntu 11

For instance, if you wish to change a line in a code file with a different line, then simply right-click the respective file, enter the string that is to be replaced (in the Replace section), followed by the text string that is to substitute the text (in With section). This will replace the required text string with your defined text string.

Ubuntu 11

For more details, refer to the developer’s website link given below.

Replace-Me Nautilus Extension