Resolve Firefox Flash Issues In Ubuntu & Debian Linux With FlashAid

Flash issues have been quite frequent on Ubuntu and Debian computers. Flash-Aid is a Firefox extension for Ubuntu and DebianLinux users which helps remove conflicting Firefox Flash plugins and provides the option to install appropriate Flash versions. You can also use Flash-Aid to apply some tweaks to improve flash playback performance and for fixing common issues.

Flash-Aid automatically displays bubble message for required Flash updates.

Bubble message

You can click on Flash-Aid button next to the address bar to start the installation wizard.



The wizard provides options to install a desired Flash version, such as, a stable version from Adobe repositories, beta version or a version from the Chrome browser. Select a version and click Next to continue.

Flash Aid

The next step helps remove conflicting plugins to make sure that the new installation is not affected with faulty plugins.

Step 2

You override GPU validation to improve performance and solve full screen issues.

Overrride GPU validation

Finally, you will be asked to execute the file. Clicking on Finish will open a Terminal window.

Step 3

You will require entering your password to install the plugin.

Enter Password

This will install the appropriate Flash version on your computer and resolve your Flash issues.


Flash-Aid Extension for Firefox (for Ubuntu and Debian)