Synapse Is An Alternative To Gnome Do With Zeitgeist Integration

Synapse is an application and file launcher like Gnome Do and Kupfer. Synpase automatically detects applications, documents, website URLs, videos, images, etc which can be launched by typing the initials of the file name within Synapse.

It comes with many plugins and gets integrated with Zeitgeist which makes it quite reliable, as the Zeitgeist service is pre-installed in Ubuntu and logs all your activity such as files accessed, visited websites, etc. Zeitgeist integration, therefore, allows quick availability of such items via Synapse.

Just launch Synapse from the Ubuntu Unity Dash and type in the initials of a file to find and launch it. In case you are having problem locating something, select a category (actions, applications, audio, documents, images, internet or videos) to further improve your search.


Synapse provides a large icon display of the kind of file being searched and changes the file type as the name is typed.


You can access application preferences from the system tray or by right-clicking on Synapse interface.


From the General tab, you can auto start Synapse at system startup, view the notification icon and change the available hotkeys for quicker navigation of files.

General tab

The Plugins tab displays the various plugins, which are included with Synapse. These includes,

  • Application Search
  • Banshee
  • Commands
  • Directory Search
  • Gnome Session
  • Devhelp
  • Dictionary
  • Hybird Search
  • Rhytmbox
  • Upower
  • Zeitgeist


You can install Synapse from the Launchpad link given below or by entering the following commands in a Terminal window:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:synapse-core/ppa 

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install synapse

Download Synapse