Ubuntu One – Cloud Storage Service For Ubuntu, iPhone And Android Users

Ubuntu One is a personal cloud storage web service for Ubuntu users which provides synchronization of not just files and folders but also bookmarks (via Firefox add-on),  as well as bandwidth restriction management options (for downloading and uploading files). It also has an application for  iPhone and Android phones which can also be used to stream music. Every user gets up to 2Gb of free storage. It also has a cloud-integrated music store where users can purchase songs and get them delivered to their personal cloud to be synced with their devices

To use this service you will require signing in with an Ubuntu One account. Optionally you can also use a Launchpad account to login. Ubuntu one comes by default with Ubuntu version 10.10.

Applications Menu

To add a computer and manage other settings, login to your account.

Ubuntu One

The Account section shows account credentials, whereas, the Devices tab can be used to limit bandwidth and connect a system to your online account for synchronization of data.


To choose what content to sync with your online account and computer, check the required check boxes. For instance, to sync bookmarks, check the Bookmarks option (after installing the required Firefox extension). Other options include, broadcast messages archive, contacts and files synchronization.


All synced content is saved in an Ubuntu One folder on your hard drive. To create a Panel shortcut, go to System –. Preferences, right click on Ubuntu One and choose “Add This Launcher To Panel”.


You can also login to your online account to upload/download stored files, contacts and creating quick notes. A Chrome extension has also been recently launched that can be acquired from the Chrome store. It creates a shortcut to the Ubuntu One service within the Chrome browser.


The Publish option allows users to create a quick short link to share the file with others. Which can be used after uploading a file.


Ubuntu One is a good service for Ubuntu, iPhone and Android users for accessing, synchronizing and sharing content. . It is worth mentioning here that although Ubuntu One is free for Ubuntu users, however, it provides a paid service for iPhone and Android users with a 30 day trial period.

Ubuntu One