Ubuntu Tips Applet Displays Ubuntu Server Tips In Bubble Messages

Ubuntu Tips Applet is a system tray applet which shows useful Ubuntu Server tips in bubble messages. Since the Ubuntu Server is still being explored by network and system administrators to replace paid alternatives, therefore, this application can be useful for admins to get useful tips for it. You can either choose to view tips manually from Show one tip option or set a refresh time for scheduling tips pop-up periodically.

After installation, Ubuntu Tips Applet can be launched from the Unity dash or from Applications –> Accessories -> Ubuntu Tips Applet (classic menu). You can view an instant tip by clicking on Show One Tip.

System Tray

Alternatively, tips can be scheduled for periodic display, by setting a time interval from Preferences (system tray).


This way, you can get Ubuntu Server tips in bubble messages. To disable periodic tips pop-up, choose Disable Auto Refresh option from the system tray. For lengthy tips, a URL is provided of a relevant source in the bubble message to help you further explore the topic.


Download Ubuntu Tips Applet