View And Sync PDF Files And Collaborate With Friends With Mendeley

Mendeley is a  a PDF organizer for multiple platforms that provides the utility to not only view PDF documents, but also to synchronize them online and to collaborate with friends using the Mendeley social network. All documents are opened in convenient tabs, within the Mendeley application. Mendeley delivers easy document management, allows finding references and performing research with like minded people online. With Mendeley you can generate biographies, import and synchronize data to the cloud, and access it conveniently via your Mendeley account. It has version available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and iOS.

Mendeley Application

When the setup is launched you are asked to login with or sign up for a free Mendeley account. Each user is provided with 500 Megabytes of free space for saving documents, which is more than enough to store a large number of files. The reason users require logging in with a Mendeley account is because their account credentials are used for synchronizing their PDF files online. This data can then be accessed via the internet from a number of desktop platforms or a mobile device.

Sign in

You can open PDF documents by dragging them onto the main interface of the application and perform a number of handy tasks from the options on the top toolbar. These options enable users to highlight text, pan, sync, zoom, and rotate the document, copy/paste content, as well as email documents.


To collaborate with other users you can use the Mendeley social network and share information through private groups. Mendeley member can add or edit a references, as well as research and collaborate with other members to find relevant information. Furthermore, you can invite and add friends to your Mendeley network.


Mendeley has applications for the following operating systems:

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