Encode Video & Audio, And Send Converted Audio To iTunes In Mac OS X

Smart Converter is a free video conversion utility for Mac OS X which supports drag & drop without requiring any sort of settings and A/V options to be configured.

Just Drag your video or audio file to Smart Converter, select an output format and convert it. Smart converter will analyze your file and preserve as much of the original data as possible, optimizing conversion speed and quality. Smart Converter handles hundreds of file types and converts to all your favorite formats, it will also add your converted file to iTunes.

Smart Converter

When you drop a media file onto Smart Converter and choose a conversion type, it immediately analyses your file and works out exactly what part of it needs to be converted. In many cases neither the video nor the audio might need converting. In some cases just one of the two requires being encoded, and in a few cases both will be converted. Doing this analysis ensures Smart Converter only converts stuff that needs converting, and leaves the rest for a more optimized conversion. This makes it a very fast converter and helps maintain the highest possible quality of video and audio.

Smart Converter Converting

It works on Mac 10.6.6 or higher.

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