Fix Disk Errors And Fully Optimize Mac OS X With iBoost UP

iBoostUp is a free Mac OS X application that enables comprehensively optimizing your Mac computer. This easy to use app has been designed to resolve issues that can help you optimize a slow and unresponsive Mac. Moreover, iBoostUp can also help you resolve system crashes and errors. It monitors Mac systems and automatically repairs performance related issues within just a few minutes. You can also perform a number of manual tune ups, including the removal of junk files, disk errors fixes, optimization of your network security, management of startup applications, enhance the performance of your system memory and more.

iBoostUp lists all application options on the sidebar and in the Status section of the app. You can initiate a system task by clicking on an option from “Status” or the sidebar.


iBoostUP Cleaning Options

Quick Clean

For example, when you click Quick Clean, a system cleaning option appears which enables the removal of junk files to reclaim valuable disk space. With the help of this option you can scan for unwanted junk files such as log files, system cache, downloaded files and recent files menu items.


Similarly, you can remove cookies, which may be used by websites to track your browsing habits. However, I must be noted that the removal log cookies will log you out of existing online sessions.

Quick Scan

 iBoostUP Optimization options

Disk Health

You can use the disk health utility to automatically scan and fix system errors. Performing a Disk Health ‘Scan and Fix’ on a periodic basis can help you keep your start up time faster and also make your Mac more responsive.

Memory Boost

You can use the memory boost utility to optimize your system memory. The “Memory Booster” option frees up your Mac OS X RAM and is recommended for use prior to launching memory intensive software, e.g. graphic design packages, emulators and even games.

Memory Booster

iBoostUP Security Options


iBoostUp can also measure access to your most frequently visited websites and suggest more optimal settings.


You can use the Firewall option to checks get security recommendations for your Firewall settings.


iBoostUp’s Wireless security option checks your wireless connection and alerts you of potential privacy risks, as well as provides security recommendations.


Other options include system optimization features such as the management of file type associations, viewing your list of crashed applications, system scans to find information about installed software on your Mac computer and more. For a demonstration of iBoostUP applications I have created a video walk through (given below). You can also watch this video on WML Cloud’s official YouTube channel.

iBoostUP works on Mac OS X operating system version 10.6.6 and later, including:

  • Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard
  • Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

Download iBoostUP