Get Detailed Weather Forecast Of Multiple Cities From Mac Menu Bar

Meteorologist is a free weather program for Mac OS X which provides users total control over their weather viewing, including simultaneous interlaced weather reports from multiple weather servers, multiple weather locations, weather alerts and much more. It sits in system menu bar, allowing you to get weather related information, which includes, weather for defined location, wind speed, humidity, temperature, forecast, visibility, pressure, sunset, sunrise and other useful pieces of information. It also displays weather forecast for next 3 days.


Similarly, you can add cities to get current weather information and weather forecasts. Once you’ve added all the cities, make sure that you drag the default city to top of the list, as the top most city’s weather conditions are displayed on system menu bar.

screenshot (2)

You can select weather forecast options to get a desired set of weather details. The current weather items include wind, humidity, dew point, temperature, visibility, forecast, length of day, sunrise, sunset, moon set, wind chill, normal hi, and pressure.

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Meteorologist is an open source application that runs on Mac 10.6.2 or later.

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