Hide Files And Folders In Mac Using Drag & Drop [Hide Folders App]

Hiding files and folders in Mac is a bit inconvenient as it requires using the Terminal to hide and show hidden files and folders. But this problem can be resolved by using Hide Folders application. Hide Folders is a free Mac OS X software which conceals files and folders with all their contents in a single click. With this program you can protect your files to avoid them from being modified, seen or erased by the wrong users.

Using Settings drop-down menu, you can access Hide/ View Options, view information about item in the list, open and unhide selected items and add more files and folders for hiding them.hide_folders_screen_shot

When you wish to reveal hidden folder, select the folder and click on Show to reveal it. This application has both a free and paid version. The free version offers to hide and show files and folders, whereas, the paid version allows additional options such as  password protection for Hide Folder app, as well as other features. The paid version costs $21.95.

Using a password
Require Password check button allows you to protect Hide Folders application with a password. If this option is selected, it will be necessary to enter the correct password for gaining access to this program. This feature is only available in the Pro version.
Notes about security
This program uses the standard Mac OS functionality for hiding files and folders. Hide Folders application works with both

  • Mac OS X Snow Leopard
  • Mac OS X Lion

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