Hide Launchpad Applications With Launchpad-control [Mac]

Lauchpad is a great feature of Mac OS X Lion which lets you access installed application from an iPad style launcher. Nonetheless, a huge disadvantage of the Launchpad is that every application that is located in the Applications folder is shown. Unfortunately, these apps can’t be hidden easily from Launchpad because there are no such native preferences present by default.

Launchpad- Control is a tweaking application for Launchpad, which provides a list of all installed applications to hide items which you don’t want to view. In the absence of such tweaking options in Mac Lion, this free tool can be quite handy for customizing the Mac OS X Launchpad.


Launchpad control doesn’t not require being installed as an application. It quite simply integrates into System Preferences window. From here, you can bring it up for enabling or disabling the Launchpad application list. Some of the main features of Launchpad-Control are as follows:


  • It is a system preference pane
  • It displays a table with all Launchpad applications
  • Checkboxes for every application allow you to easily specify apps to hide or show
  • Backups/Restores your original database file
  • Launchpad Control is completely free


Launchpad-control is developed for Mac OS X 10.7 Lion.

Download Launchpad-control