How To Recover Mac OS X Lion From USB Drive With Recovery Disk Assistant

Mac Lion Recovery is a built-in feature of Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, which provides the option to recover Mac without an installation disc. Mac Lion Recovery Disk can be accessed by using the Command+R combination during system startup to restore your Mac OS X  from Time Machine or to reinstall it.

Mac Lion Recovery Disk Assistant is capable of handling all system issues which can be fixed using Mac Lion’s built-in recovery disc feature. Its assistant brings the utility of recovering your Mac from external drives, which makes it extremely handy in situations where your system becomes irrecoverable. In this post I will show you a step by step guide to show the recovery procedure.

First off all, insert a clean USB  or external hard drive for creating a Mac Lion Recovery and then run the assistant application to detect the external storage device.


When you click on Continue, it will start copying the files (to recover Mac OS X Lion), to your USB drive.


Once the process is finished, click Quit . You can recover your Mac Lion by holding down the Option key during system reboot.


Note: It is advised that the recovery disk should not be used on non-supported operating systems. Mac Lion Recovery Disk Assistant works with Mac OS X 10.7.

Download Recovery Disk Assistant